Queensland – Bigger than ….

Surfing at Coolangatta
Surfing at Coolangatta

Queensland is big – 1,730,648 square km including its islands – much ‘bigger than Texas’ (about 2.5 times) and almost three times larger than France.

Surfing at Coolangatta
Still surfing at Coolangatta

Queensland has arid desert, lush farmlands, tropical rain forest, cities and solitude, the Great Barrier Reef, and numerous islands. It’s impossible to choose a single photo to represent such diversity.  Mine were taken close to the southern border with new South Wales, on the Gold Coast, the State’s best known and oldest tourist destination. For those who prefer seclusion away from civilisation, Queensland offers almost endless opportunities.

On this Gold Coast beach, and others nearby, Mick Fanning surfed his way to become a three times world champion. Many non-surfers will be aware of Mick Fanning’s shark encounter during a recent World surfing championship in South Africa, shown here.

Just behind where the photos were taken, the Rainbow Bay Surf Club offers meals and drinks to patrons in a setting with a 270 degree view of the sea. One memorable lunch  provided almost too much distraction for eating because there were so many whales cavorting within a couple of hundred metres. It was during whale migration season, when whales take the 10,000 kilometres journey from Antartica to north Queensland and back, the cows (females) returning with newly born calves.

This is my contribution to Tiffin’s A-Z Guidebook, this month starting with the letter ‘Q’.